Thursday, October 2, 2008

Useful Link

If you haven't already checked out Kellri's "Old School Encounters Reference," you should. It's almost certainly one of the most useful old school gaming products I've seen. I plan to write a more formal review of the thing sometime in the near future, but please don't wait on my say-so. Seriously, it's an amazing piece of work and one I'd gladly have paid for. That it's free only makes it even more amazing.


  1. Agreed, it's a fantastic product -- and I'm really looking forward to your review, James.

  2. THANK YOU! kind sir; excellent download.. reminds me of gaming days before computers ruined it all... =D

  3. Actually utilized it this weekend. A couple of buddies and I had what we refer to as a "fest" (multi-day gaming) as a form of send-off for one of them moving to Japan.

    Used the names section, (House of the Worm) as well as some of the random encounters w/ Men.

    Kellri's brilliant, and quite obviously prolific. That thing is packed with extremely useful information.

  4. This is an essential tool for any DM and the perfect supplement to the DMG ... (any random table that has Emerikol the Chaotic on it is so old school it bleeds dust when ya pinch it)

    Thanks for mentioning this James!


  5. The only thing that hurts it for me is the inclusion of material from books other than the PHB, DMG, and MM.

    If I look up his spell lists for a magic-user of a particular level, some are bound to be from UA, Greyhawk Advantures, or some other "dodgy" AD&D source.

    That crap's lame. He'd be better off omitting it.

  6. Kellri has certainly put out some great resources.

  7. Hey, thanks for the downoad and hello (first comment been lurking for awhile). I shall make good use of this in my 'OD&D/S&W Into the Wilderlands' play-by-post. Cheers.