Monday, March 30, 2009

Lulu Contest Update

With a day to go in the Lulu Author Sales Contest, Fight On! has risen again to the #2 spot and Swords & Wizardry has risen to #5. This is really excellent news -- but it could be better still. If you haven't bought something from either publisher, please consider doing so in the next 24 hours. It'd be an amazing turn of events if either -- or both! -- made it into the Top 3, which would earn them cash prizes as well as free publicity from Lulu in the form of free advertising and an interview on the site's blog.

2008 was already a remarkable year for the old school renaissance. Let's make 2009 and even more remarkable one.


  1. I just ordered all four issues of Fight On!, so that should help a bit. Your comment inspired me to do it this month instead of waiting a couple weeks.

  2. Thanks, James and Andrew! We are in the home stretch...hopefully this will turn out with both of us in the winners' circle!