Tuesday, April 21, 2009


People seem to enjoy the interviews I've done in the past, so you'll be seeing quite a few more in the future. I'm currently in contact with five individuals associated with the early days of the hobby who've all agreed to be interviewed. In some cases, the process of setting up the interviews is taking longer than I'd hoped it would, but I'm patient and willing to wait, since several of these individuals will no doubt have some interesting things to say.

One of the goals of this blog, after all, is unearthing as much of the history of the hobby as possible. Since I was a mere child when much of that history happened and because so few people have bothered to record this history, I'm pretty much at the mercy of my sources. So, if you're someone from the early days (1974-1983, in particular) or you know someone from that era, I'd be very interested in interviewing you.



  1. Do you mean people who were actually working in the industry back then, or just people who were playing back then?

  2. I mean people who were involved in the hobby in a capacity beyond simply playing games: writers, editors, artists, convention organizers, etc.

  3. James, I'm a brazilian blogger (http://vorpal.valinor.com.br) and me and an associate of mine (from www.popdice.com.br) are too trying to reach the people that were involved with the early days of D&D for interviews and the such.

    I was able to reach Rob Kuntz and he is willing to give us an interview. Would you like to participate? Not only in this interview, but in others that I, my associate and, if there's any interest, you manage to schedule?

    I think it would be a great thing for all of us. If you are interested, you can reach me at fabiano . neme [@] gmail . com