Sunday, April 19, 2009

North Texas RPG Convention

The North Texas RPG Convention runs form June 5 to June 7 in Bedford, Texas. There will be a lot of noted old school designers and fans there, including Frank Mentzer, Paul Jaquays, Tim Kask, Rob Kuntz, Jason Cone, Allan Grohe, and Matt Finch. I wish I could be there myself, because it looks like it'll be a lot fun, but, like many such things, it'll have to wait till another year, when my schedule is more free.


  1. Jason Cone is better known as Philotomy Jurament, btw.

  2. I sure wish I could go...there will be so many people there I'd like to meet. Under other circumstances I might do it, but the economy sucks too badly right now. :(

  3. Thanks for the shout out, James, we wish you could come. We hope to see you next year. Since preparations for next year will begin almost immediately after this year's con is over, we are looking at a bigger venue, more events, perhaps a few talk sessions, and hopefully even more Old School guests. We have been pleasantly surprised at how many of the old guard are so accessible and willing to come to a tiny first year convention in Texas (in June, but we hope to keep the temp down in the high 90s for you northern types...!) With all the interest in old school gaming, it seems only natural that SOMEWHERE a convention dedicated to that style would have popped up; we hope to fill that void this year and in years to come.

    BTW I am NEVER going to live down my quote that "I'll be happy if we get 10-15 people here"...we have 48 signed up with six weeks to go, and in this case I'm happy to have underestimated the interest.