Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sadly, This is Accurate

I just received an email directly from Dave Arneson's family, who asked me to share the following:
Shortly after 11pm on Tuesday, April 7th, Dave Arneson passed away. He was comfortable and with family at the time and his passing was peaceful.

The Arneson family would like to thank everyone for their support over the last few days, and for the support the entire community has shown Dave over the years.

We are in the process of making final arrangements and will provide additional details as we work them out. We will continue to receive cards and letters in Dave's honor. We are planning to hold a public visitation so that anyone wishing to say their goodbye in person has the opportunity to do so.

Cards and letters can continue to be sent:
Dave Arneson
1043 Grand Avenue
Box #257
St. Paul, MN

Visitation will be on April 20th
Time: yet to be determined
Bradshaw Funeral Home
687 Snelling Avenue South
St. Paul, MN 55105
Farewell, Mr Arneson; you will be missed. I hope that, at the very least, yesterday's outpouring of affection for you and your contributions to our hobby cheered you in your final hours. You were one of a kind.


  1. D&D had two Walt Disneys, and now they are both gone. He lives on in our games, though.

  2. Did you receive it personally, or did you read it off OD&D Discussion boards? Just want to make sure I get it straight, in case I want to contact the Arneson family.

  3. I received an email directly from Dave's son-in-law, who asked me to pass on the news via my blog.


  5. Very sad news.

    Thanks for your gift to the world, Dave.

  6. This makes me terribly sad. I'm a huge Arneson fan. I even based one of the characters in my D&D webseries on him. As I wrote in my own blog post, having both EGG and Dave gone makes me feel old and sad.

    - David Nett -
    GOLD, the Series

  7. M. A. R. Barker's irascible "Captain Harchar" was Dave Arneson's Tekumel character.

    Bon Voyage, Captain!

  8. Thank you for passing this along James.

  9. Rest in peace, Dave. Whatever difference you and Gary may have had in the past, I'm sure he's saved you a great place in the big gaming table in the sky.

  10. Cheers to Dave Arenson! What a tremendous legacy to have left behind to the world.

    My only regret is that he and Gygax never got together to make a memoir on the genesis of D&D and stories about truly Old School adventuring. (However unlikely that collaboration would have been in reality.) What a great read that would have been.

    James, it is good that you and your blog are here for thoughtful reflection on days like this.

  11. I'll tip a pint to the man. He was indeed an influence in all our lives and as such, shall live on in each roll of the dice.

    Thank you James for being the bearer of this difficult news. But to be truthful, I can't think of a more suitable spokesman.

  12. We lose yet another of the creators of the hobby. I wish his family the best in this time.

  13. My thoughts are with his family at this time. He was an amazing man who created something wonderful.

  14. So sad to hear it - have, like I'm sure all here - enjoyed many, many years of a thoroughly great hobby thanks in part to this man.

    We'll be having a minute of silence to commemorate his work before our weekly game this Friday.


  15. My D&D group played a session that same evening that culminated in an entire floating city plummeting to its demise. I can only hope that's a big enough send-off for Dave.

  16. I had Dave for an instructor at Full Sail in 2003. I learned more from him in three weeks than I can even begin to describe. He once hit me with a 10-pound d20 when I nodded off in his 8am class. I've still not forgiven myself for it.

    Last August, I met him again and told him what I've done with myself. True to his word, he came to visit our booth, with a GenCon employee pushing his wheelchair, and took approximately 15 minutes out of the final GenCon he would ever witness to let me demonstrate to him the video game one of his students created.

    Alas, he'll never write the review he promised, as I somehow knew that day he wouldn't, but I will continue to brag, likely for the rest of my life, that the grand master of all games bestowed upon my work this simple compliment: "It looks cool."

    Godspeed, Dave. Wherever you are now, may all your rolls be 20s. There's a lot of us right now who would gladly use a Wish to have you back.

  17. I have the 3 booklets that bear the name Gygax & Arneson that changed my life.

    I also have "The First Fantasy Campaign" by Dave Arneson .. published by the Judges Guild sitting here...

    Thanks, Dave.. you enriched my life.

    I think I flip through some pages... :(

  18. Sad news :( Thanks for all you created Dave. Thanks for sharing your beautiful and inspiring imagination with the rest of us.

  19. Thank you Dave Arnson, so much, for all the joy you and Gary Gygax brought to us.

    Theres a tomb in my public modul to honor you both.
    You brought fun and fantasy in my life ... and even love ...
    You'll be unforgotten forever in my heart.
    Damm why do the best die too young ...

    Greets to eternity - CatCORViN

    Germany - Oldenburg

  20. RIP.

    - Johannesburg, South Africa.

  21. I grew up playing the Game, and actually played Chainmail in the beginning, so I would really loved the chance to meet Dave.
    He took a good thing, and helped make it better.
    His influence will be felt for many years to come, through gaming.
    My condolences to his family, and my regrets at the passing of a titanic soul.

  22. Will this be updated with the proper time for the visitation as soon it has been decided? Thank you for posting, may the man rest in peace.

  23. There's a post from yesterday (April 13) that lists the location and time of the visitation.

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