Tuesday, August 31, 2010

David Wesely Interview

Reader Ed Heil pointed me toward a recorded interview with David Wesely over at Theory from the Closet. If you're interested in the history -- or, more precisely, prehistory -- of the hobby, you'll probably find it fascinating.


  1. I look at every entry you post, even if I don't comment. And man, this is is some fantastic stuff, soup to nuts.

  2. Thank's for sharing this James. The time just prior to the creation of D&D is of particular interest to me. Thanks!

  3. Very interesting, thank you for posting this. I found it fascinating that Wesely indicated that the beginning of modern roleplaying games took place when wargamers stopped focusing on “pushing led around the table” and started roleplaying. Perhaps we’re seeing a devolution in gaming with the advent of more modern editions of D&D (and its spin-offs) with their renewed emphasis upon minis and “controlling the battlefield” strategies?

  4. @new fish
    to me, the term "devolution" implies a value judgment.

    sometimes you want to eat a souffle, sometimes you want to eat a dead pig cooked on a spit. neither is better than the other, no matter what order they were invented. Art isn't technology.