Sunday, August 1, 2010

Secret Skeleton Miniatures

One of the many great things to have come out of the revival of interest in old school gaming are lots of great miniatures that look to classic fantasy RPGs for their inspiration. Otherworld Miniatures is already well known, but many of you may not know about Secret Skeleton Miniatures. Though their selection is small at the moment, the miniatures they currently have available look excellent. I'm especially keen on their "frog man."

You can see the greens of some of their up and coming minis here.


  1. Well of course nobody knows about them. They're *secret* after all!



  2. The "frog man" is especially cool, seeing as how I've included frog folk on the list of monsters in my Companion book.
    : )

  3. Thank you for the interest in my miniatures. I started the company to make the miniatures that I wanted to have, and to date I have not made as single dime for myself. All the money goes into making more cool miniatures!

  4. Wes produces excellent pieces---I saw some of them for the first time yesterday, when Jon (my partner in Black Blade) brought some minis over to show me that he's bought at KantCon in Kansas City in July. They were excellent :D


  5. Those frog men are nice. I may have to order a few.

  6. Coincidentally, I'm working on my own Frog Folk, basically a mashup of the monster of the same name from White Dwarf #20 and the Bullywug. Wiebe's a good sculptor who's done a lot of good work for Reaper.