Sunday, August 22, 2010

For Jeff

Here's my contribution to your open call for minor artifacts and relics, along with an illustration by Virgil Finlay to set the mood:

The Silver Suit of filzArn
by James Maliszewski

In ages past, Sir Evad filzArn sought out the hidden places of the world, venturing where few dared -- and even fewer returned. At some point in his travels, Sir Evad found the famed Silver Suit for which he became well-known. Its origin is unknown, but legends claim that it was brought from another world, a claim that goes some way toward explaining its unusual nature.

Made of a reflective, flexible substance that grows or shrinks to the size of its wearer, the Silver Suit nevertheless offers remarkable protection, functioning as plate mail +3. The Suit also functions as a ring of fire resistance and confers the ability to breathe in airless environments, provided that its helmet is worn.

The Silver Suit is also reputed to possess the following powers and effects:

2 x I ___ ___
1 x II ___ ___
1 x IV ___