Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jim Roslof Gravely Ill?

I've seen scattered reports that former TSR artist Jim Roslof is gravely ill, but I can't find any confirmation of this. Can anyone out there in the ether direct me toward such information?



  1. The news was reported by his friend Stephen D. Sullivan via a tweet: "Sending good thoughts to my friend Jim Roslof, who is gravely ill, and his family. Please do the same!"

  2. I hope for a swift and sure recovery for Mr. Roslof, and I wish his family the best. On a side note: I have always enjoyed his art in the TSR works I've owned over the years. Recently, I saw another piece on a website I can't place, but it of course was excellent.

    Thanx for posting!

  3. I hope he pulls through, he's really a great guy. He did a commission for me a few years ago and was the consummate professional, finishing exactly when he told me he would (30 days) and giving me an eye-dropping piece of art.

  4. I am truly sorry to hear this (and from other ex-TSRites as well. Will be sending a note to the Roslof's today. Many fond memories.