Monday, February 7, 2011

Morrow Project Question

Can anyone confirm or deny that The Morrow Project was once available as a boxed set? Every fan of the game I know has always stated emphatically that the game was only ever available in a single volume without a box, but I have a strong memory of seeing someone with a boxed version. Am I misremembering this?



  1. Sure it wasn't Aftermath? I know I sometimes confuse the two..

  2. You mean the Morrow Project Limited Edition Box Set?

    Back Cover:
    ""The year is 1989. As the civilized countries of the world exchange gifts of nuclear missiles, the small volunteer population of the Morrow Project sleep far away from the blossoming nuclear fireballs in a deep dreamless winter. These few people, long prepared for the holocaust which rages around them, await the time when their ever-watchful machines will awaken them. They expect the time of their cold sleep to be a mere three or four years but everything had gone well right up to the war and it was now that the infamous Murphy shifted the gears. The "cryonauts" sleep on for one hundred and fifty years before their delinquent machines finally restore them. One hundred and fifty years of eroding culture and technology; one hundred and fifty years of fall-out boosted mutations; one hundred and fifty years of dog-eat-dog survival." Contains : The Morrow Project Rules Liberation at Riverton G.M. 's screen"

    It was available at the the dragon's hoard( recently, but it's now out of stock. :-(

  3. Velaran,

    When was that boxed set released?

  4. According to this link the limited edition boxed set was only published in the UK in '89:

  5. It was printed in 1989 by Flying Buffalo:

  6. Beaten to it. :-)
    Thanx. B. Portly Esq. for answering James' question so quickly.
    I buy International on occasion, and happened to see it when I finally found a great copy of the D&D Fantasy Adventure Boardgame.(Inexplicably sold only in Europe!)

  7. Picture of front and back cover available here:

  8. The RPGGeek images are scans of the box that is sitting on the shelf behind me. So, yes, there is at least one box set in this universe :-)

  9. My copy of the box set came with the rules, the GM's screen and a copy of Liberation at Riverton. It's just a pity the box was so flimsy.

    Never realised it was a UK only release.