Friday, February 25, 2011

Traveller Map Help

I don't usually post anything on Fridays beyond my Open Friday question, but today I'll make an exception. Is there anyone out there who can either point me toward a program or some other method to generate nice-looking Traveller-style subsector maps? If you can, drop me a note either in the comments or by email.



  1. I like for actual Imperium maps. You could find an empty or otherwise likely-looking sector and then take a browser screenshot.

  2. Give Hexographer a try. I've never used it for Traveller-style maps, but I know it can do that sort of thing. I'm a big fan for wilderness maps.

  3. I can recommend a few. I'm a Traveller fan with nearly 700 megs of stuff on my hard drive.

    Astrogator , Heaven and Earth

    I don't remember were I downloaded these from. You can look them up or I can send zip files if you like.

  4. "Isomage's House" will not disappoint.


    1. Necro reply: No, I'm *absolutely not* installing a browser add in to go to that page.

  5. Campaign Cartographer 3 (CC3) with the Cosmographer 3 add-on has a lot of map styles, symbols and tools designed specifically for Traveller:

    From the Profantasy Web site:
    "Cosmographer and Traveller® support: Cosmographer has been approved for use with Traveller® and comes with numerous templates and examples for your mapping needs in the universe of the Third Imperium and other Traveller settings. Best of all, you can import Traveller system data into Cosmographer 3 templates and create maps of your favorite sectors with just a few mouse clicks."

    So you can even import Traveller data into CC3 to make maps.

  6. I like:

  7. The problem with all the current choices isn't that they can't produce Traveller Maps even fairly nice traveller maps for the table. Is that they are not what I would call publishable maps. The only one that comes close is the Traveller Map and you have to know how to use the API to get those style of maps.

  8. There are a some realistic starmaps here:

    There are also some "realistic" starships here:

    Finally you can google "traveller sector generator" to get a huge number of possible programs.

    For some reason I suspect that computer science types (like myself) were attracted to traveller (like myself) and had the tools and skills to homebrew their own software. Some of it is reallly old.

  9. There are printing tools located at:

    Essentially you just cut and paste the UWP text from a sector generator like :

    into the top box, replacing the existing text, and the pressing the generate map tab.

    The API tools for generating a PDF file in the Traveller map link is at:

    I have not used it preferring the other way.

  10. I used Adobe Illustrator 10 for the Traveller maps I created.

    At the bottom of the page is the map. You can click on a subsector to bring up it's map.

  11. I suspect that one of the bigger challenges after making a map you like is getting a campaign-sized one printed, perhaps in multiple copies and perhaps some of them laminated at a reasonable price. I'm attached to a university, and when I need 3'x6' posters printed for a conference I go to the printlab in the architecture school, or until recently the biology dept supported an imaging lab that would give you 3' wide laminated posters at about US$6 per foot. The same thing at Kinkos or similar is often more than $100. See if you can snake your way into UToronto or make some friends there.

  12. This one gives you lots of detail, but the map itself is not pretty:

  13. i'd echo the previous comment about Heaven & Earth. Another program that is available (but not free) is Traveller Universe, which allows you to build a galactic map similar to the Imperial one, with breakdowns to the Sector, Subsector and system level:

  14. Heavan and earth, Formerly World Builder Deluxe. It's freeware now, designed for older OS's.

  15. Hexographer works pretty well and the free version can be launched from your browser.