Thursday, May 3, 2012

More Worthy Projects

Given how well the Dwimmermount Kickstarter turned out, I'd be remiss in not mentioning here several other crowdfunding drives currently under way by folks whose work I've enjoyed in the past.

Barrowmaze II: Greg Gillespie wants to make the second installment in his Barrowmaze megadungeon as awesome as possible, which is saying something, considering how good the first installment was.

LotFP Hardcover and Adventures: Leave it to Jim Raggi to be insanely ambitious in his crowdfunding project. Mind you, if anyone in our little corner of the hobby could somehow manage to raise $149,500 this way, Jim would probably be the man.

Weird West Miniatures: Stuart Robertson is trying to get a set of six 28mm miniatures for his terrific Weird West RPG made.

And, of course, Steve Jackson's Ogre Kickstarter is still chugging along, closing in on half a million dollars. Shipping options for outside the US are now available, though they are expensive. Whether or not they're too expensive I leave to others to decide, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to grab a copy before the campaign ends next week.


  1. Greyhawk GrognardMay 3, 2012 at 6:35 PM

    I should point out that Frog God Games just started a reprint of Rappan Athuk kickstarter campaign. I've never read the original, but it's got a pretty good reputation in a lot of quarters.

  2. I'm currently running a Weird West campaign with two players. One is a Native American homesteader and hunter turned vampire slayer. His companion is a Shaolin monk with dwarfism and the power to summon lightning. The gameplay is fast and loose, and my campaign world is rife with alternate history, monsters, magic, and cartoon racism that no one is entirely comfortable laughing at.

    When our D&D or Travellers group can't assemble, Weird West is our go-to game.

  3. Champions of ZED and Rappan Athuk both have my attention.

  4. The Rappan athul kickstarter is almost at $19K already and it's been about 5 or 6 hours since they started posting about it.

    The way to go looks to be at least the $250 level. $100 will get you the book (and it is going to be big) $250 starts in with the bonus modules. Once they start reaching goals of $40 and $60K they will start adding more bonus modules to the $250 level. With 59 days left to raise funds and this being pushed by Paizo for the Pathfinder version I'd bet they will hit their goals.

  5. The Prismatic Art Collection, an effort to bring more diversity and inclusiveness to fantasy rpg artwork, has met its goal, but if you're working on a project and want early access to the finished art, it's worthwhile to pledge.

  6. And Rappan Athuk has reached its full funding goal of $25K in its first 6 hours or so.

  7. Don't forget D.H. Boggs Champions of Zed.

  8. I'm obviously biased, since I was an early reader for Barrowmaze I, worked on the Meatshields hireling generator with the author, and I'm a backer of Barrowmaze II... but for $12 it's an amazing amount of game-able material--produced at a very high level of professionalism.

    If you were on the fence about Barrowmaze I, go check out and read some of the session reports and reviews to get a feel for the amount of care Thekiltedyaksman has put into this dungeon.

    The artists he's got on board (Stefan Poag for one!) are fantastic, the module is full of sandboxy goodness, tons of new monsters with a focus on undead, plus a solid Old School approach to resource management, wandering monsters, noise, light and exploration.

    The minimum backer amount for Barrowmaze II is $12--that gets you a PDF that could occupy a dedicated Old School group for months, if not more.

    Also... he's only $800 shy of his goal, so a small party of adventurers (and their henchman) could make the difference between death and glory! 

  9. I agree that Barrowmaze is awesome stuff. I loved the first volume and really look forward to the next one. I'll definitely be making a pledge before too long.

  10. I'm really glad to hear that!

    It's also worth noting that Barrowmaze II is a stand-alone module. Because Thekiltedyaksman is doing a "dungeon-sprawl" rather than a "dungeon-crawl", it's very easy to drop into an existing campaign--you don't need to have "upper levels" of the dungeon already fleshed out to run it.

  11. I had the d20 version - probably the most overrated megadungeon I've ever seen. Just not very clever or enjoyable.

    And I liked the vast majority of Necro's products.  

  12. Myth & Magic (which has Level 1 of Dwimmermount and associated special area as a backer reward) is also closing in on its final hours.  It has reached all of its stretch goals thus far and is still chugging along! 

  13. Hey! I just wanted to jump back to this thread and update everybody on the Barrowmaze II campaign: we hit our funding goal of $4k!

    As a token of appreciation for hitting the goal, kiltedyaksman has added a bonus perk to all contributors over a certain threshold (Barrow Wight)--custom Barrowmaze dice bags. :)

    In addition, if we can hit 5k, he'll be able to include some bonus tombs to the dungeon... cryptically (GET IT?!?) called "The Chaos Sepulcher of the Elements".

    And if by some act of Gygax we manage to hit the uber-goal of 7k, Thekiltedone will be able to produce a Tomb of Horrors-style illustration booklet of all the important features. Those ToH handouts were a huge part of my introduction to the game back in the day, and I get psyched thinking about introducing my kids to D&D with something similar...

    Thanks for enduring my enthusiasm! I'm just super happy that BM II is going to be realized!