Monday, June 4, 2012

A Hargravian Coincedence

I'm not a regular reader of RPGnet, but I do read Shannon Appelcline's "Designers & Dragons" column from time to time, since he's often done some terrific work presenting the early history of the personalities and companies of the hobby. His latest column discussed the pre-history of Grimoire Games, which published Arduin. In it, he briefly mentions a fact about the life of Dave Hargrave, creator of Arduin:
Dave Hargrave got into RPGs through a variety of different paths. He first heard of roleplaying in 1968 at the Military Intelligence School at Fort Holabird, Maryland — prior to his work with the Defense Intelligence Agency.
What's interesting to me is that Hargrave was stationed at Fort Holabird in 1968. Among other things, Fort Holabird was -- it no longer exists -- was home to the Army Intelligence School, where my father was sent upon entering the military. The year? 1968.

Now, I realize that a lot of soldiers were stationed at Fort Holabird, especially since it was also home to an Armed Forces Examining and Entrance Station and this was during a period of escalation in the Vietnam War. The odds of my father and Hargrave knowing one another, even though they were both stationed at the same post and were enrolled in the Military Intelligence School at the same time, is small. Still, it's an amusing thought.

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  1. An RPG in '68?  What the heck were they playing?