Monday, August 24, 2020

The DragonDex

While I'm sure most readers are already familiar with this site, there may be some newcomers who are not. The DragonDex is probably one of the most useful sites I've come across. It's a complete index of all 359 print issues of Dragon magazine, covering material from June 1976 to September 2007. Helpfully, there are several different ways to use the index, starting with the straightforward Master Index, which simply lists all the articles alphabetically. Each article listing provides its title, author, game system, and the issue in which it appeared, along with the page numbers. 

It's simply a site and I can't tell you how often I've used it to locate an article I only dimly remember from my youth. Whether you're trying to do the same or you're simply interested in the history of the hobby, the DragonDex is an amazing resource.  

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  1. since November 12th Dragondex seems down. Did something happen to it?