Monday, February 15, 2021

The Enemies of Man


A new episode of the Tékumel podcast, the Hall of Blue Illumination, which I do with Victor Raymond, was released last week. The episode deals with the Ssú, one of the aboriginal species of Tékumel, before the arrival of humanity and its allies. 

From the first, the Ssú (and their cousins the Hlüss and the Chürstálli) have been justifiably hostile to the invaders of their world, earning them the sobriquet "the Enemies of Man." Their hostility has kept them quite mysterious; Victor and I discuss what's known about them and speculate on matters about which there is only fragmentary evidence at best. 


  1. Great episode - I'm glad it's back. Has been very useful in understanding the setting.

  2. What the heck are the "Chürstálli"? I don't recall them from anything.

    1. The Chürstálli are another aboriginal race of Tékumel, found in the desert west of Mu'ugalavyá. They're first discussed in an article in the second issue of the Tékumel Journal, written by Craig Smith.