Tuesday, February 9, 2021

TSR Television Spots

Thanks to a pointer from Jeff Grubb, I learned of the existence of several TSR television commercials with which I was previously unfamiliar. First, one for Star Frontiers.
Then there's this one which includes not only D&D but also Marvel Super Heroes, and Indiana Jones. 
I never saw any of these at the time, but I'm grateful to Jeff for having pointed them out to me. This is great stuff.


  1. Man, that 1983 CG. Reminds me of the bumpers in Mr. Wizard's World.

    1. Not quite. It's apparently William Marshall, best known for Blacula

  2. I remember seeing the second one on TV once or twice as a kid - in the afternoon alongside the toy-commercial cartoons (G.I. Joe, Transformers). Even at age 9 I remember thinking the commercial seemed kind of pointless and uninformative and if I wasn't already into D&D wouldn't have made me curious about it.