Friday, March 5, 2021

Time Flies

Today marks the sixth anniversary of my House of Worms Empire of the Petal Throne campaign. The campaign began in March 2015 with six players, four of whom, including Dyson Logos, Stephen Wendell, and Barry Blatt, still play regularly, joined by three others and multiple "guest stars," who sit in for a session or two as their schedule permits. We meet each Friday afternoon with great regularity, though, as today is only our 216th session, we've missed a few weeks here and there over the years, owing to unfortunate intrusions of the real world. The game began on Google Hangouts before moving over to our campaign Discord server.

Over the course of the last six years, the characters have investigated the death of a clan elder, traveled to Salarvyá, been magically transported to Yán Kór, trekked back to Tsolyánu, with a lengthy stop among the people of the Dry Bay of Ssu'úm, become involved in the plots of not one but two imperial princes, tangled with the cult of a Pariah God, journeyed by sea for months, landed in Livyánu during a plague, traveled again by sea to the Southern Continent, taken up leadership of the Tsolyáni colony there, explored that mysterious land and interacted with its cultures, fended off an invasion by the Hokún, ventured to another Plane, and more. It's been an incredible ride, one that has not only allowed me to indulge my interest in Tékumel but also brought me into regular contact with excellent players whom I'm honored to count among my friends.

The terrific thing is that the campaign shows no signs of slowing down, let alone ending. If anything, I feel as if the campaign still has a great deal of room to grow, with plenty of new vistas to explore. One day, it will end no doubt, but that day seems very far off. Until then, I look forward to each week's session and the fun to be had during it. This has truly been one of the great campaigns of my life and I remain grateful for the time spent refereeing it with such imaginative and dedicated fellow roleplayers. Here's to another year in Tékumel!


  1. High points for me, so far, are the overland journey back from Yán Kór, two by-the-book divine interventions, a raise dead, an apotheosis, and I’ve just left a character, at the head of a legion of shen warriors, to fight for glory on Dórmoron Plain.

    This is the longest campaign I’ve ever played in, and Aithfo is the highest level character I ever brought up from 1st. With EPT’s slow-to-crawling advancement rate, he might make 7th level in the next six years.

  2. Congratulations James! Six years in the current scheme of things is very impressive. I love hearing/reading about this kind of commitment and dedication.

  3. I can’t...they don’t go straight.
    ; )