Thursday, May 20, 2021

Adventures in Mathematics

I didn't own a personal computer until the early 1990s, so I never got to see games like 1983's Dungeon of the Algebra Dragons.

I hated algebra, so maybe I could have benefited from something like this. On the other hand, it looks just as silly as you'd expect.


  1. I recall, but did not own this one. I got a C64 when they first came out. I convinced my Mom I needed it for school. I did use it for school, but that was about, IDK... 1%? 1/2%? of it's actual use? :O)

    For "RPGs" I had a blast with Temple of Apshai & Telengard early on. Then Wizardry once they put it put for C64. Ultima III was a big deal. Phantasie and Questron from SSI. The Bard's Tale. By this time I was out of TTRPGS, and any gaming in my life was on the computer. Eventually the Pool of Radiance came out. TSR was so late to the game (no pun intended)

  2. I was terrible at spelling so my brother programed a simple graphics free dungeon crawl where you had to spell to kill monsters.

    Home Computers didn't talk then so he just jumbled the words and I tried to correct them.

    It's wasn't great, but I still appreciate the effort.

  3. Mathblaster for the win!

    and I discovered those gold SSI games about the time my dad bought a PC, and man, that was a whole new world

  4. 15 years in U.S. public education; we're still doing this, though via ad-paid free online resources and with embedded mini games. It's amazing to see whole rooms of 7th graders casually using terms like "HP", "xp" and "leveling up". I can't speak to the pedagogical value, but the legacy of D&D runs deep.