Monday, May 3, 2021

RIP Richard Halliwell (1959–2021)

Sad news.


  1. RIP. Sorry to hear that, he was very influential in the early days of GW.

  2. Unlike other GW game designers of the 1980s, Richard Halliwell does not have a Wikipedia article, likely because he stepped away from the industry in the early 1990s. I am working to rectify that. So far the article is basically a list of games that he desinged or help to design, but I have not found any sourcres that talk about Richard the person. He apparently freelanced rather than take on a fulltime position at GW, some sources suggested that he travelled frequently, but I still have not found a source (or sources) that explain who he was, and why he stepped away from GW and game design after winning two Origins Awards in two years. Can anyone point me at some sources that talk about Richard the person?

    1. If you haven't stumbled on this one yet, perhaps it might offer some new info, either in the post or the comments below it:

  3. Very sorry to hear this. I mis-spent much of my youth on his games, and still treasure Dark Future and Block Mania. Will be playing them again very soon in his honour.