Wednesday, July 6, 2022

More Postal Humor

Since my previous post on this topic was well received, here are three more examples of the humorous fake envelopes included on the White Dwarf letters page, from issues #36, #37, and #38 respectively. While the inspirations for the last two envelopes are obvious to me, the first one eludes me. Can any readers help me make sense of it?


  1. Could it be this?

  2. It is a reference to "Troubles at Embertrees" a WD scenario. "Starstone" is the county of the setting, and Embertrees is the common name of the village of New Oakmerton. The original village, Oakmerton was burned down by ... Queen Daretta, who herself is ritually burned every year at New Oakmerton. The stamp image is the face on a bust used as a trap key at the evil temple denouement.