Monday, October 10, 2022

Planning a Holiday Soon?

Does anyone remember the Dungeon Planner Sets from Games Workshop? I remember seeing advertisements for them in White Dwarf but I never encountered them in the wild. I was very intrigued by the ads and likely would have purchased one of them had I ever seen them for sale in a store. Unfortunately, the ads were the closest I ever got to them, so I'd be curious to hear from anyone who did own one (or even just saw one).


  1. Just saw one of those sold on an auction site I am on. So got to see some pics of the contents (sold for $100). Very interesting indeed, it is essentially a mini campaign pack with a real nice map for the main dungeon.

    Only two sets were made, the other one focused on a village in Central Koss, that and following maps would combine to form a complete campaign setting. But they did not sell well enough, I guess.

    There's a really good history on Wikipedia.

  2. I have both "Caverns of the Dead" and "Nightmare in Blackmarsh". What would you like to know?

    1. Mostly, I was curious about the quality of the maps. Are they thin, like paper, or heavier, like cardstock?

  3. I have #2, Nightmare in Blackmarsh. I bought it for the cover, which is great. the adventure itself is kinda bland. I have played a lot of rpgs, and I like a good hook to pull the players in

  4. I have both sets, but so far, have only reviewed Caverns of the Dead.

  5. Mantic, a miniatures and games company started by a former Games Workshop employee that seems to delight in trolling GW by releasing things very similar to out of print GW products, has just announced a similar product to this -- adventures and maps in a box -- for D&D5. The trolling continues.