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Secrets of sha-Arthan: Study

Although most of the skills a character possesses are determined by his class, species, and ability scores, it is possible to acquire others through study. First and foremost, study requires time and money; it may also require the finding of a teacher

Time and Cost

The time and cost necessary to learn a new skill depend on its complexity.

The table below assumes the character is involved in active study: at least eight hours each day during the required length of time devoted solely to study the skill he wishes to acquire. The days need not be consecutive, but the character cannot make a study roll until he has devoted one month (30 days) of 8-hour periods to the skill.


The difficulty of finding a teacher is highly variable. Many of the larger cities of sha-Arthan (e.g. da-Imer or Chabaktechel) are home to one or more institutions of learning. Temples or philosophical academies are another source of teachers. Characters might also turn to any groups with which they are currently aligned (see Alignment). Finding an appropriate teacher could even form the basis of an adventure or extended series of adventures. 
Alternately, a character might choose to study on his own without a teacher. This option is available only for skills of Complexity 1 or 2. Self-study increases the time required and halves the cost. The values in parentheses on the table above are those for self-study.

Study Rolls

At the conclusion of every month of active study, the character must make a study roll. The study roll is the same as the character’s untrained skill save (see Skill Saves), modified by his Wits (see Ability Scores). If successful, the character advances in his study. Once a character has made successful study rolls for every month required of the skill he is studying, he has acquired the skill.

If unsuccessful, the character has learned nothing during the past month and must redo it (and the skill roll), provided he devotes the required time and money to the task. This process continues until either the character succeeds or he spends three consecutive months not engaged in active study (see Time and Money above), in which case he is considered to have abandoned study of the skill. He then loses all progress made up to this point and must restart the study of the skill from the beginning. 

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