Tuesday, October 11, 2022

The Stafford House Campaign

Four years ago today, Greg Stafford, creator of Glorantha and one of the founders of Chaosium, passed into the eternity of the Gods World. In celebration of his memory, Chaosium has released the first volume of a new series called the Chaosium Archival Collection. This volume, The Stafford House Campaign, is a collection of essays Stafford wrote about his then-ongoing RuneQuest campaign during the period between 1978 and 1981, some of which originally saw print in Amateur Press Associations, like The Wild Hunt. 

I don't yet own a copy myself, so I can't speak of its complete contents. However, there's a lengthy excerpt available for free download on the Chaosium website. If that catches your fancy, you can buy the full 84-page version, in either a PDF or POD form. Based solely on the download, it looks like the whole collection will be worth it for anyone interested either in the development of Glorantha or in the early history of the hobby of roleplaying.


  1. There's definitely some good stuff in there. I just bought the POD (with immediate delivery of the PDF) yesterday. I haven't but skimmed it, but having been a Wild Hunt subscriber back in the day, I have some of the essays already and they're some great material. On p.73 is the early Sorcery rules that would see changes and eventually be published as part of RQ3. I'm happy these early rules are now available to anyone interested. I've been sitting on my copy for decades...

  2. Thanks for the heads-up, James. I"ll dig around in my piles and see if I have any issues that Rick is still looking for.