Thursday, December 29, 2022

Grognard's Grimoire: Omejaldalu (Unmaker)

An Unmaker initiate by Zhu Bajie
The Omejaldalu, or Unmakers, are a loose collection of cults whose leaders see the Makers as having been detached, corrupt, and, above all, stifling to the development of sha-Arthan and its inhabitants. The Unmakers, therefore, seek to free the world from the shackles imposed by the Makers by using both sorcery and science to tear down and destroy every established norm, pattern, or system, including those of reality itself. In so doing, the Unmakers hope to inaugurate an era of unparalleled liberty – or another Epoch of Strife.

(More information about the Unmakers can be found here)


Wholly devoted to the Unmaker cult to which he belongs, an initiate hopes his loyalty will one day be rewarded with greater responsibilities – and the power that comes with it.

DR 12, HD 2* (9hp), Att 1 × weapon (1d6 or by weapon), AB +0, MV Near, SV F11 D12 M13 E16 S15 (A2), ML 9 (11 with prophet), XP 25, NA 1d8 (2d12), TT U

    • Unmaker’s Blessing: Each initiate has 10% chance to have received an alchemical boon that increases his DR (1–2), HD (3–4), AB (5–6), or damage (7–8) by +2 (roll 1d8).
    • Zealous: +2 to saves against spells or effects intended to negatively affect an initiate’s loyalty to his cult.

An Unmaker prophet by Zhu Bajie


The leader of a cult, a prophet is a living embodiment of the Unmaker philosophy – nihilism and material transcendence made manifest. Each prophet is unique in his particular approach to the Unmakers’ doctrines, as well as in his appearance and powers. 

DR 16, HD 9*** (40hp), Att 1 × weapon (1d4 or by weapon) or 1 × spell, AB +7, MV Near, SV F8 D9 M10 E10 S12 (A2), ML 10, XP 3000, NA 1 (1), TT F

    • Magic Resistance: Unaffected by mind-affecting or mind-reading spells.

    • Spells: Each prophet casts spells as if he were a 9th-level sorcerer.

    • Material Transcendence: A prophet has 1d3 modifications to his body, determined randomly (1d8), re-roll duplicates. Referee is encouraged to create additional modifications.

    1. Displacement: Appears in different place from actual location; attacker suffers –2 to hit.

    2. Energy Immunity: Unharmed by cold or electrical attacks.

    3. Hardened Flesh: All attacks do –1 damage per die.

    4. Heightened Awareness: Never surprised.

    5. Heightened Reflexes: +2 initiative.

    6. Heightened Strength: +2 melee damage.

    7. Regeneration: Regain 2hp per round until slain.

    8. Telepathy: As the adept discipline of the same name. Treated prophet as adept of same level as HD.


  1. I like this very much, a fresh take on Chaos cults,.
    And a commentary on the obsession with progress, maybe?

    1. You're correct in detecting the commentary. It's a recurring theme in my creative work, I have come to realize.

  2. Have you written out the Unmakers' 'Doctrines' themselves?

    1. Not in general. One of the things I aim to do is present several different Unmaker cults, each with its own take on the matter. The goal is to provide a lot of flexibility to individual referees.

  3. What is the significance to the protrusions on the skin (arms and face)? Is this part of the modifications mentioned?

  4. Happy new years, James! and anyone else reading this!

  5. Great stuff here, James! I'm intensely interested in your sha-Arthan setting/game. In many ways it's reminiscent of Tekumel, but with a seemingly more approachable air to it. Impressive, from what I've seen, so far. You've likely (maybe) already put this info out there, but... do you have any idea when you'll be releasing it? As well as, how do you plan on doing so, if at all?

    1. A "more approachable" Tékumel was, in fact, the original intention behind the creation of sha-Arthan. I do intend to release it to the public once it's completed, but I have no ETA on that. I've been sharing more information on it to my patrons, in addition to the snippets I've been posting here from time to time.