Thursday, January 12, 2023

Ryan Dancey Speaks

While I'm sure that some readers have already tired of hearing about the Open Game License and Wizards of the Coast's rumored plans to undermine it, it's nevertheless a potentially significant topic for those of us in the old school world, given the role the OGL and the d20 SRD played in the production of OSRIC, Basic Fantasy, Labyrinth Lord, and Swords & Wizardry, among others. That's why I'm especially keen to hear what Ryan Dancey, co-creator of the OGL, has to say on the matter. 

Fortunately for me, the Roll For Combat YouTube channel sat down with Dancey for more than two hours yesterday and he answered numerous questions about the OGL, WotC, and Hasbro that are very illuminating. He even mentions that the advent of retro-clones was something that genuinely surprised him. If you have an interest in this topic and the time to devote to it, I recommend taking a look.


  1. Also worth reviewing: Matt Finch's discussions on the OGL at


  2. Thank you very much for sharing this! Very interesting to learn that the intent behind OGL 1.0a was that it could NOT be "de-authorized", and the purpose of the authorization language was to make sure all the draft versions were not considered valid.

  3. This outrage is spreading beyond the gaming/tech media. Forbes, The New Republic, and just this morning Vice, have all published articles about the OGL 1.1 leak.

    1. And here in the UK, The Guardian has also published an article about it.

  4. Holy Cow! This was great! Some great info here. Thanks for sharing this. Well worth listen.

  5. This was a fantastic listen. Thanks.