Monday, February 13, 2023

Open Your Mind to Dungeons & Dragons


  1. Heh. Like the lavish illustrations on Atari cartridges to convince you a blob of chunky pixels was really a ferocious dragon, here was another instance of "imagination as the ultimate GPU".

    Though it's also interesting that the in-Labyrinth scene here so closely resembles the more realistic, 'swingy' first-person 3D games of the 1990s. I suspect the reason why they were so successful was because the visuals matched what'd been already been percolating in the heads of D&D players years, even decades earlier...

  2. Between some bad actors in the OSR community and the WotC OGL debacle, I think my mind is closed to D&D going forward. I know my wallet is.

  3. What "bad actors" in the OSR community do you refer to? I'm sorry, but throwing out flippant accusations without names or proof is in bad form. Can you be specific?

    1. Ah, the mightiest of any warrior to ever brave a dungeon: the feared Social Justice Warrior! Always ready to combat chaos, wickedness, and "Thing that Offend Me", wherever they may lurk! Wielding their mighty +2 longsword, named "Boycott", the dwarves who forged it, they cleave their way through the modern world, allowing no brand to go unpunished!