Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Coming Retractions ...

Speaking of weird little games, I stumbled across this in issue #101 of Dragon (September 1985):

This appeared at the end of the issue's "Coming Attractions" feature, which announced upcoming TSR game product releases. I've talked about Proton Fire on this blog a couple of times previously. In the first of those two posts, former TSR employee Steve Winter provides some additional context in the comments that's well worth checking out. 

Probably because it was a science fiction RPG and science fiction is my genre of choice, I've long had a mild obsession with Proton Fire, the game that never was. Knowing that it did, in fact, exist in some form, but was never put into publishable form only feeds my desire to know more about it. Alas, I suspect this is a desire that shall never be sated!

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  1. Going back to that firs post you linked and its comments section discussion of the RIP comic book, I did a brief rundown of the TSR West comics line (which I managed to get all of at one point) over at the post in this url:


    The only thing I have to add to that is that you can find good-quality scans of the entire run of the Gammarauders comic (with its super-light serialized RPG for the setting) on teh internet archives here:


    I've also heard rumors that the Intruder comic was possibly going to be used for an Alternity setting book of some kind, although I'm not at all sure I believe it. Timing seems wrong to me.