Friday, October 24, 2008


I've been a bit distracted today, so posting will be light today (and possibly through the weekend). In the meantime, I leave you with this wonderfully evocative piece of art posted by Trent Foster to the Knights & Knaves Alehouse. It's an absolutely terrific illustration of the menace-cloaked-in-beauty that I associate with old school fantasy.



  1. OK, I can't access the K&K board at work, but is that illustration taken from Urshurak, by the brothers Hildebrandt? I always wondered if Urshurak was on your radar in terms of inspirational proto-fantasy, James. Is it?

  2. Yeah, that picture comes from Urshurak. I wasn't the original one to post it, someone else (K&K user Stonegiant) posted a whole bunch of pics from that book in another thread a couple months ago; I just re-posted it (and a couple others) in another thread ;)

  3. As Trent Foster indicated above, it is from Urshurak, but I've never actually seen the thing myself except in little snippets on the Net. I'd love to get a copy someday.

  4. this seems as good a place an any to let you know about the CAS poetry page just linked by boingboing:


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