Monday, July 6, 2009

Awesome Cover

I realize this is probably old news by now to most of my readers, but I'm a firm believer in promoting good work regardless of how often it's already been touted by others. So, with that in mind, I present you with the cover (by Steve Zieser) of Goblinoid Games' upcoming supplement to Labyrinth Lord, Advanced Edition Characters.

Like its predecessor, Original Edition Characters, which I loved, Advanced Edition Characters will modify Labyrinth Lord to emulate a different style of rules and play, in this case AD&D. If the cover is any indication, this is going to be a terrific book. I'm really looking forward to seeing it.


  1. One thing I have noticed through GMing both a Castles and Crusades and Labyrinth Lord game is that I've found myself yearning for something like D&D .75 edition (for lack of a better term).

    So I have great expectations that this product might hit that sweet spot I'm looking for--the simple, well-organized rules we all love about the Basic-inspired games with a little more crunch bolted on top.

    Plus it does indeed have an awesome cover as you point out.

  2. Thanks for the press, James! I tend not to put anything I'm doing for pay on my blog until after it's in print, and nearly everything I'm doing right now I have to keep a lid on. Thanks again!

  3. Wow. Great cover, Steve. The old school rennaisance is certainly producing some awesome art! We need an Old School Rennaisance the Tolkien calendars of yesteryear!

  4. That is a pretty friggen awesome cover!

  5. Amazing! :D I can just here the PCs' conversation now:

    Bill: Hey, Fred. I'm getting that feeling of being watched aga-"

    Fred: "Shhh! [Listens.] You smell something?"


    (BTW: Captcha word is "cochslyw." I think I have to create monster with that name.)

  6. Thanks for the mention, James. Yes, Steve is a great artist and I have him hard at work on a whole lot of stuff! (In fact, Steve, what are you doing here reading this blog...I thought I had you shackled to your desk...??) heh heh. The playtest on this is going pretty well. I still don't have a definite release date but I'm hoping for late summer/early fall.

  7. Steve, that is hands down the best "old school" style cover I have seen in ages...possibly decades.

  8. The cover is awesome and I'm eagerly awaiting this release.

  9. Looking good!

    I would like to have options for LL Druids and Paladins (and maybe Assassins & Barbarians) that were in line with the power level of the LL core classes. Does this product do that, or does it boost all the classes to AD&D level?

  10. S'mon, it's consistent with LL power levels, so it keeps the same HD bases. Fighters stay at d8 for instance.

  11. One other comment....the goal was to keep AEC completely interchangeable with the core rules. So you can still have a character who is running an "elf" right along side someone else who has a half-orc assassin, or an elven thief.

  12. Beautiful! It's difficult to resist buying it.

    Now, I really want a "Labyrinth Lord - Encyclopedia Edition". I know it's way out of the scope of old school proper, it's probably not going to happen but it would delightful!

    A volume including the LL core rules, plus silly proto-prestige classes starting at 9th level, mass combat, sieges, domains, paths to immortality, weapon mastery, and ... ahem... secondary skills.

    Just a dream...


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