Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Cursed Chateau

I have just learned that my submission to the Fight On!/Otherworld Miniatures Summer Adventure Contest, The Cursed Chateau, has been awarded an honorable mention, along with an entry by Allan Grohe. First prize went to David Bowman of Sham's Grog 'n Blog. Many of the other winners are well-known contributors to the old school revival. I very much look forward to seeing some of these entries published in a future issue of Fight On!, the second issue of which is now available for purchase.

I am, frankly, amazed and gratified that my entry placed at all, as I wrote it as a death trap of the worst kind and I know that sort of adventure isn't much in favor these days, even among folks who are very sympathetic to the darkest aspects of grognardia. I can't help but think I should post the adventure here after expanding on it a bit and perhaps converting it to Swords & Wizardry. I'd like to refine the adventure further and perhaps expand on it too, as I had some ideas for an additional level that I never got around to writing. Of course, I'm tempted to write an entire anthology of adventures that run the full gamut of styles and content as a way to promote S&W and illustrate the old school philosophy in action.

And a reminder: you still have until midnight this coming Saturday (August 2, 2008) to submit an entry (or entries) to Grognard's Challenge #1. I've already gotten a slew of entries from many people and they're uniformly excellent. It's going to be very hard to choose just one as a winner.


  1. It was a great submission, James. I hope when FO! is ready to print it you'll give us a crack at the expanded material as well.


    Ignatius Umlaut

  2. Let me know when you can use it and I'll gladly submit it to Fight On!. In the meantime, I have a submission for Issue 3 to consider and Level 4 of the Darkness Beneath to keep me occupied.