Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Propos

Science is at last beginning to perceive that there is sound truth in the popular phrase, "born out of time." Certain natures are attuned to certain phases or epochs of history, and these natures, when cast by chance into an age alien to their reactions and emotions, find difficulty in adapting themselves to their surroundings. It is but another example of nature's inscrutable laws, which sometimes are thrown out of stride by some cosmic friction or rift, and result in havoc to the individual and the mass.
--Robert E. Howard, Foreword to Almuric


  1. explains the whole damn neo-grognard movement

    out of time by about 35 years!

  2. What the hell are neo-grognards and when did they became a "movement"?

  3. Great quote from Howard, and it certainly resonates with many of my own feelings. I'll have to pick this up.