Saturday, July 26, 2008

Nice to See

Yesterday, I was out of the house briefly and I visited a big chain bookstore downtown to look for some books for my daughter. As I passed through the displays of bestsellers and "new and notable" displays, I saw one entitled, "Where It All Began." The display held a complete set of Paizo's Planet Stories line, as well as some of the Del Rey R.E. Howard collections, and many other books of "vintage fantasy and science fiction" (as the display called them). I have to admit I was positively tickled by the display, not just because it afforded me the opportunity to pick up a copies of Almuric, The Secret of Sinharat, and The Ginger Star, but also because it suggested that someone at the bookstore understood and appreciated the roots of modern fantasy and science fiction enough to recommend these books to others.

Maybe there's hope for the future after all.


  1. The fact that you saw the display at a chain (vs. indy) bookstore makes it even more impressive! All I buy at the local Borders or Barnes & Noble bookstores these days is Starbucks when I'm there plotting with my local DM :D


  2. I was, frankly, amazed to see it. I can only assume that one or more of the employees of the place are big fans of pulp fantasy. I can't imagine that the head office decided to launch this promotion, but I was very glad to see it nonetheless.

  3. Might I suggest you contact the manager and let him/her know that you appreciated the display.