Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Books That Founded D&D

My November column at The Escapist, "The Books That Founded D&D" is now posted. I expect most of it is old hat for regular readers of this blog, but you might want to check it out anyway.


  1. Fantastic column. I think folks forget what D&D is about, and these books give DMs a good idea of the original 'theme' of the game.

    People always lament about the lack of RP in 4e. I'd argue that D&D was never about representing a high fantasy world involving an epic quest (LotR), rather it was all about crawling through decrepit crypts seeking treasure and slaying monsters. In short, D&D is about adventure. In that aspect of creating a game for fantasy adventure, I think D&D (including 4e) does rather well.

    Not to mention you've got a good reading list for DMs short on ideas, or at the least, classic fantasy everyone should read if they like the genre.

  2. Hi there... loved this article very much! Could I reproduce it at and link to your blog (full credited of course) ... that would be an honor. Guess many tolkien fans always see Tolkien as the 'only' source for D&D, so guess it would be great to have your article available to Tolkien fans!

  3. Unfortunately, I no longer own that particular column; The Escapist does. Reproducing it directly isn't an option, although you could certainly link to it.

  4. Great article. I always felt that Jack Vance's "The Eyes of the Overworld" was also a candidate for D&D inspiration.
    Happy gaming.