Monday, November 9, 2009

Help Me Spend Some Money

I was recently given several very kind donations through my PayPal link. Thanks to everyone who contributed; I very much appreciate this. Usually, I spend my donations on new old school products that I can then review, but this time I think I'm going to buy some Otherworld miniatures, particularly since they have a sale running between now and early December. The problem is I'm not sure what I should buy, so I'd like some suggestions.

My donations, while generous, aren't quite enough to reach the free shipping mark for £75 worth of purchases, so I can't go crazy. However, I'm still willing to be somewhat indulgent, since the minis are put to good use in my Dwimmermount campaign and I'll certainly be sharing images of the paint jobs done by one of my players. I currently own a goodly supply of pig-faced orcs, as well as skeletons, gnolls, harpies, and various vermin, such as oozes, giant rats, beetles, etc. So, what next?

There are so many options that it's hard to decide. I'm sorely tempted by the Type I and (especially) Type II demons. The goblins and kobolds are also to my liking, since goblins play a big role in Dwimmermount and I've always had a soft spot for kobolds. And of course a gelatinous cube would very cool. It's hard to decide!

Suggestions are thus greatly appreciated.


  1. Take a look at OWM's giants. They are quite nice. Of course, you get fewer for your Loon.

  2. I'd dearly love to snag some giants, but they're more "outdoorsy" monsters and, at the moment, my campaign is pretty focused on the dungeon.

  3. For a while, they had the idol from the front of the PHB. Don't know if it's still there, but seriuosly, man, you need one of those, and then you need to include it in Dwimmermount.

  4. I'd dearly love to snag some giants, but they're more "outdoorsy" monsters and, at the moment, my campaign is pretty focused on the dungeon.

    What about the formorian giants deep in the caverns of Tsojcanth? ;)

  5. I'd recommend against demons for the following reasons:

    They are one-shots. Either the demon wins and everyone dies, or the demon dies and regardless of its immortality, you won't ever want to use it again (this keeps he "shine" on the encounter.)

    In figure-form, they are the one monster that diminishes the experience. Maybe your demons don't possess or rely heavily on illusion (if not, then this "advice" is useless), but mine do. Having a miniature, red-horned avatar fails to capture the demon encounter.

    What works for dragons does not work for demons, I think. Whenever I've used them (rarely) it has been far less tactical and tactile than role-playing and ethereal.

    Just a thought, but the fact is you can't go wrong with any of those miniatures. The cube would be my pick, but any of them would be a blast.

  6. Go for utility over cool and unusual. You will get much more use out of the miniatures that way.

    I recommend the goblins over anything else. If you have some left over after the goblin set then get the Gelatinous Cube for your cool and unusual purchase.

  7. The kobolds are great, I particularly like the ones with the "sad expressions" which seem so in keeping with their eventual plight, as fodder for beginning adventurers.

    And the Kobold Chieftian is great, weilding his two-handed axe!

  8. I'd say if the depths of Dwimmermount become more cavernesque than maybe some Trogs. My personal favorite is Medusa, esp. the casual way she sashays around giving stone-turning glances. And the trogs would need someone to work for!

  9. They haven't got any gnolls, have they? You can never own too many gnolls.

  10. I own a bunch of OW minis, and would recommend these, based on what you've posted so far about the minis you already own:

    - trolls
    - stirges
    - shriekers & violet fungi
    - gargoyles
    - giant frogs
    - owlbear

    You can always go for the bread-and-butter figures, like:

    - goblins
    - hobgoblins
    - bugbears

    ...but I find the first group to be sufficiently common that they're usable, while still interesting and distinctive minis, too.


  11. I would suggest the Bugbears, though they wouldn't be suitable for a game with kids. (They kind of need some pants!)I ordered them and didn't notice this fact when I was looking at them online. I took them out of the packet and kind of did a double take!

    But the faces on them are sooooo great! I just need to figure out how to sculpt a loincloth out of green stuff.

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  13. I would definitely go with the, Gargoyle and Gnoll Chieftain as both could both easily fit a number of monsters types: The Gargoyle could be used as a stand in for just about any type of demon or winged humanoid and the Gnoll would make a great boss for any Orc or Goblin gang. Plus I would get one "surprise" figure nobody would expect like that the Gelatinous Cube with the dead guy floating inside.

  14. James,

    Do you have one of the Demon Idols? You should certainly get that considering how that image is sat at the top of your blog.

  15. I have all of their Kobolds and they are really cool. I also have the Shrieker.Violet Fungi, the oozes, Bugbears (very cool, but going "commando"), the medusa is excellent-she has such a wry expression and interesting movement to her, OW's dungeon vermin also look really good. If you are in a Dungeon setting, I would suggest a Gelatinous Cube...I got the empty one, pictures do not do it justice, they are really cool.

    Really, anything you get from Richard, how could you go wrong?
    Sorry, Ive not been very helpful.

  16. Don't worry James, I'll make sure that you get free shipping. I'll also add a few extras. I have a vested interest in the creatures that populate Dwimmermount, so you won't be getting any demons, though! ;)