Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dungeon Map Help (Again)

Once again, I need someone with cartography skills who'll help me render a decent map of a single dungeon level. I'm doing another level for Fight On!'s "The Darkness Beneath" and the toughest part for me is the map of the level. I could draw it by hand, but I find my own scrawls bad enough for my own use, never mind for the use of others.

Ideally, I need someone who can turn around a map quickly and enjoys a bit of leeway in their instructions. This would be purely volunteer work, but the end result would appear in a future issue of Fight On! with full credit and you'd be free to do whatever you want with the map afterward.

If anyone can help me, just drop me a line through the email address to the right. Thanks!


  1. Exciting, especially since I am writing a review of the issue your other level appeared in as I type this.

  2. I've got some spare time and desktop publishing tools. I'll drop you a line.

  3. I'd be interested in this. I can send you some examples of maps I've done for my campaigns in the past if you like as well.

  4. You already have some volunteers, but it does sound fun.