Friday, November 20, 2009

North American Oerik

I recall reading a post somewhere, in which the author did a very nice job of pointing out the cartographic connections between North American and the Oerik continent of Oerth. Does anyone recall seeing this somewhere? What I recall had illustrations to go with it and, in light of my earlier post today, I'd really like to be sure I hadn't imagined the whole thing.



  1. Here you go, James. Scroll down a bit, and might as well read the whole thread since it's a good one:

  2. I guess this goes back to the C&C Society map which was also based on North America. From what I understand, Gary's campaign was marked off on that map around Lake Geneva, while Arneson's Blackmoor game was marked off on the spot corresponding to St. Paul, MN. I've been doing some research from the Blackmoor side of things here:


  3. Gary gave an explanation about the use of a map of North America for his campaign on Enworld:

  4. Sorry, correct link:

  5. Hello James,

    Do you know I am the one who made the map Oerik/N. America, indeed ?

    Here it is :

    As for this one :
    I was wondering, if there are 50 states in Greyhawk, why not should they correspond each to one of the 50 states of the USA ?

    By the way, where is your reflexion about the subject going to ?