Monday, March 15, 2010

The Deluge

I'm buried under emails, blog comments, and other projects in addition to having a bit of a head cold/early Spring allergy attack, so I may be a bit slow in responding to stuff for the next little while.

I do, however, appreciate at how (generally) civil and substantive the comments to my two big weekend posts have been. That makes me very happy and I'll try to weigh in with some thoughts of my own in the next day or two, once I get out from under all this correspondence and work.


  1. Well, and congrats on probably hitting your four hundredth follower today. You're still setting the bar pretty high for us other bloggers!

  2. little while?

    But, how long is THAT?!?!
    (to be read in the same tone as
    "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"


    Take your time and get better...