Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gamma World Blog

Tim Hartin of Paratime Design, who's hard at work on some excellent maps of Dwimmermount, has started a new blog called Gamma Rites. Dedicated to the 1st and 2nd edition versions of the game, the blog already has a number of great entries. Being in the midst of some Gamma World nostalgia myself, I'm glad to see a blog dedicated to the game and I suspect I'm not alone in this.


  1. Hey Jim,

    We have been doing an online GW campaign. Its stalled at the moment, but is getting ready to fire back up I hope.

    We also are doing a one man and a DM online LL-B/x game thats going great:


  2. I was looking to run 2nd edition Gamma World again and my friends where all for it but when i pulled out my 2nd edition stuff i realized that the four pages of charts and tables at the end of the adventure book was missing, because i removed them so long ago.(oh the foolishness of youth) does anyone know where i can download them. thanks