Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Two Years and 1319 Posts

Another year has passed, since the last time I noted the anniversary of this blog's first post. Everything I said last year remains as true today, probably moreso, as interest in old school gaming and the readership of this blog continue to increase. I am both overwhelmed and humbled by the amazing responses Grognardia elicits -- yes, even the negative ones -- because it means, more than anything, that my words are affecting other human beings, which is precisely what a writer possessing any passion wishes to achieve.

When I began this blog two years ago today, I had no idea where it would go or how long I'd keep writing it. I certainly never expected that it'd be of interest to so many people. In these last two years, I've had the honor of interacting with a lot of terrific individuals, from the founders of the hobby to other bloggers and writers to fellow gamers, both young and old. These interactions have informed my thoughts and my gaming, improving both in the process.

For that, I thank each and every one of you who's ever taken the time to write a comment to one of my posts or sent me an email directly, including those of you who've had less than complimentary things to say. I've never met a person who enjoyed being criticized, let alone excoriated, but criticism, even when it's ill-meant, can be occasions of grace, curbing vanity and pride and encouraging one to work more diligently at one's chosen craft. Criticism makes me doubly appreciate the praise I receive. I still sometimes find if difficult to believe that anyone cares what I have to say about gaming, let alone that they might be inspired by it, but I am far from ungrateful that my writing engenders responses in so many others.

Indeed, it brings me great joy and I hope I can continue to provide others with some measure of pleasure through my writing (and perhaps a little less reason for obloquy). It's been a great couple of years and I have no reason to doubt that the coming one will be any less so. Thanks once again to everyone who's come along for the ride; I'll do my best to see that, if you're not always entertained, you'll at least never be bored.


  1. I may not always agree with you but I cannot deny your impact. Keep up the good work!

  2. Happy Anniversary, James. I enjoy reading you blog every day. Sometime I disagree about the details but I overwhelmingly concur with your general sentiments. Old School Gaming has a lot to offer that 3rd and 4th edition D&D simply don't address.

  3. I discovered Grognardia on May 1, 2008 when Grohe linked it on the Dragonsfoot forums.

    I remember because I was visiting a girl in Helsinki over the long weekend for Vappu (a month before I'd move down here for good) but I spent most of my time on her computer instead reading all of the Grognardia posts to date. I was entranced!

    hmmm. Wonder why the relationship with Emma there didn't work out? :P :D

    But yeah, this blog is Good Stuff and was the blog that inspired me to get my blog going less than two weeks later.

    Happy Anniversary!

  4. "this blog is Good Stuff and was the blog that inspired me to get my blog going "

    ditto here, happy anniversary!

  5. Happy Birthday Grognardia, and congrats James. Here's to many more posts and fun to be rolled!

  6. Happy New Year. Jim!

    You have inspired many, including myself. I hope nobody blames you for what we inflict upon the blogosphere. ;)

  7. Happy Anniversary, James!
    Keep doing what you are doing!

  8. Happy anniversary, you have done really good work. I am looking forward to the next year, full of inspiration and interesting ideas from you =).
    If you find some time to answer my email, I will be very happy =).

  9. Happy Anniversary! I am glad there was a link on one of the political blogs I read that led me here. It has been enjoyable, refreshing and has reenergized my interest in carving out some time this summer for yet another run at a campaign and sharing my pleasure with the hobby. You have brought up assorted topical links with past games, books and hobby related issues that makes me profoundly grateful for the impact that the hobby has had in my life. Equally enjoyable is how it has blessed the lives of others. Thanks for taking the time to reflect and share your experience. Peace and God bless.

  10. Happy Anniversary James, not only did you inspire me to start a small blog of my own, but you also opened up my eyes to the fact that I wasn't the only 30+ year old who had an interest in traipsing are in dank dark places shooting fireballs...at least at the gaming table anyways....

    Thanks again

  11. Only 2 years? It seems longer...


    My favorite column? The Retrospective series.

    Happy Anniversary! Keep up the good work!


  12. Nice one, James. Fight On!

  13. Congrats. Your blog is a real gem.

  14. Congrats on your 2 year blogo-birthday! It's always been a real pleasure to read your blog daily over the past 2 years. Here's to many more!!!

  15. Happy Anniversary! This is still my number one blog, and it never ceases to entertain or make me think.

  16. (sniffle)
    They grow up so fast... ;)

    Merry Birthday!
    Looking forward to another great year.

    Hmm, uh-oh, this means you're in the 'terrible two's' now...


  17. Congrats, James.

    I stumbled upon your blog at a time when I was torn between feeling like I had to invest in 4E products to "jump back in" to the hobby and simultaneously following Goblinoid Games' development of Labyrinth Lord.

    Your commentary and links to the growing OSR community prompted me to dump all of my new 4E materials on ebay and pursue a more creative, rewarding, and less cumbersome gaming experience.

    Thanks in part to you, sir, and to the OSR community I no longer feel orphaned by a hobby that I loved thirty years ago.

  18. Happy blog birthday! I am a new reader but I just wanted to say that I really love your blog and I've found it very helpful. Not long ago I found the West Marches blog and (then if I remember correctly), yours through your posts about Dwimmermount. I am something like a 2nd Gen gamer (AD&D 2nd Edition being my first rpg I think) so not exactly a grognard but I've been around the block. I've never DMed though and the sandbox game struck a chord with me and reminded me of how we used to play before the STORY became paramount and we all were at the mercy of the DM's grand vision. So I vowed to run a game where the DM was the one along for the ride. Your blog and others have given me a ton of ideas and advice on how to go about that. We may not be playing the same 'system' but I think we want to play the same 'game'. So thanks!

  19. Woohoo - congrats James !

  20. I'll chime in as another poor soul who got sucked in and inspired to blog (after never blogging about anything before) by Grognardia.

    I have very rarely had a fellow gamer in my life I could actually talk about the philosophy and magic of games. Most of the folk in my games just want to play. They don't want to discuss anything outside their own characters.

    I didn't hang out at stores or cons, so I only occasionally had someone who's geek was strong enough to actually talk about the magic of creating your own gameworld, or argue the pros and cons of powergaming.

    The last time I just plain old had a friend to discuss all aspects of games with was in the 90's. But thanks to this online community, I not only DM but have a thousand souls who like to discuss gaming outside of the actual game. Thanks for being one of those voices, and for inspiring me to stick around and yack and argel bargle about games with all these folks.

    Year three will be here before ye know it.

  21. Glad it’s lasted so long. I’ve always been a hard-core old school 1st ed AD&D, but with more and more house rules, it became my own separate edition. I did not know there were so many old-schoolers out there, but what surprised me more was those who have embraced the original incarnation of the game. Damn, and I thought I was hard-core… Anyways thanks for the articles, one of the coolest blogs out there.

  22. Congrats James. Here's to another 1319 and many more.

  23. Congratulations!

    I am proud to say that I've been following your blog since its inception... when you first started your series on "pulp fantasy D&D" in your previous, personal blog.

    Back then I knew next to nothing about pulp fantasy and the literary roots fo D&D. I had already read some Howard and Lovecraft, and was vaguely familiar with Leiber, but it was your blog that led me to Jack Vance and Clark Ashton Smith -- and I'm very grateful for that.

    Here's hoping that your chronicling of the old ways of hobby, and especially of its literary roots, may go on for a long time, and that it may introduce many more "newbies" to both.


  24. See, now I feel like a chump with my own "thanks to everybody" post today. Thankfully I based it on different metrics than blog anniversary (Mine was March 6th, I believe) - I was waiting for Follower #100.

    Still, I'll pitch in with another "congratulations". Keeping a blog rolling is hard work, and you do a lot more than most bloggers.

  25. Congratulations!

    I've only recently discovered your blog, but in the short time I've known about it, I've enjoyed reading it immensely!

  26. Happy Blog Anniversary James!

  27. Thanks for all the good reads, James!

  28. Many happy returns.

    Thanks for helping motivate my return to DM-ing after a long hiatus.

  29. To the man who pulled me into the OSR, congratulations!

    I'm looking forward to the next 1,319!

  30. Happy anniversary and thanks for all the writing you do!

  31. If anyone hasn't gone back and read every single one of those posts, I fully recommend it. I only discovered this wonderful blog a few weeks ago and then spent a few days plowing through the backlog of posts. Almost made me sad when they ran out and I had to start waiting for James to write more.

    Congrats and keep up the good work!