Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Grognard's Grimoire: Quintelemental

The material in the quote box below is hereby designated Open Game Content via the Open Game License.

While the sublunary world is made up of four primary elements, scholars know that there is in fact a fifth element -- ether -- which fills the void between the worlds and fuels the empyrean stars. In its natural state, ether is a subtle, luminiferous gas, but, under Ioun's influence, it solidifies into a silvery-black liquid known as azoth. The supernatural beings composed entirely of ether are known by Men as quintelementals and are the most powerful of all elemental beings. Only those who retain the knowledge of Eldritch magic (or posses one of their magical devices) may conjure a quintelemental, which explains their rarity in the present age.

Number Appearing: 1 (1)
% in Lair: N/a
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: Fly 450' (150')
Armor Class: 2/0/-2
Hit Dice: 8/12/16
Attacks: see below
Damage: 1d8 or 2d8 or 3d8
Save: F8 or F12 or F16
Morale: 10
Hoard Class: None
XP: 2,070/3,600/4,200

For every hit die possessed by a quintelemental, it will have a diameter of ½' and be 2' high. For instance, a quintelemental summoned by a spell would be 32' high and have a 8' diameter. Their appearance is that of a barely visible cloud of silvery luminescence. Quintelementals surprise their opponents on a roll of 1-3 on 1d6, who suffer a -1 penalty on all attack rolls due to their nigh-invisibility. Casters of magic-user spells suffer an extra 1d8 points of damage from quintelementals.


  1. Very cool! A steampunk elemental!

  2. only the name is a bit of a mouthful...

  3. Chevski, thanks for linking back to your Eldritch post, which I missed, having only joined the blogosphere in the last year or so.

    Are your players following your blog, and have they already made these connections?

  4. The players in my campaign already know this information, for the most part, so they won't be learning anything here that they haven't discovered in-game.

  5. Nice pun on quintessence. I wonder how many people are going to get it?

  6. ha-I didn't, nice one - think I'm gonna use this in my Algol dungeon somehow :)