Friday, April 23, 2010

Flail Snails Wish They Were This Awesome


  1. Flail snail or conch hydra
    After the battle is over . . .

    Time to get
    a case of Montrachet,
    an urn of butter,
    a bushel of mushrooms and
    enjoy some fine escargot.

  2. I'd forgotten about the flail snail until now.

    I will have revenge.

  3. Yeah, @Clovis, a two headed conch...I lived a couple years in south Florida when I was doing an MA, mmmm...mmm, deep fried conch is tasty.

  4. I have fond memories of playing a two-headed dragonsnail that could breathe fire, but only accidentally, such as when one of the heads had hiccups, and whose chaotic feature was that it's slime trail was extremely slippery. It called itself Bert. And Ernie.

    Yes, it was that sort of game.*

    [* Lots of silly fun. Especially when one crouched down beneath the table so only head and forearms were showing and mimed sock-puppet style, so that people knew which of me was actually talking at the time.]

  5. There are two kinds of people in the OSR, those who love the Flail Snail, and those who don't, I'm of the first group...

    On a serious note, this is pretty awesome, its like a giraffe, conch, hydra, unicorn, If you make it pink I have something to foist on female characters when I miss the feel of dice impacting my face.

    Troy Truchon

  6. To be clear, I like the flail snail, though it's not a monster I'd use often. I posted this mostly as a joke about all the flail snail love (ewwwww!) I've been seeing lately and because I hip-deep in RuneQuest these days and feel compelled to talk about it whenever I can.

  7. Flail Snail rhymes, but Steak Snake rhymes and is an alliteration. The victor here is clear (that was an accident.)

  8. Yeahhhhh Dragon Snail FTW! WOOT WOOT

  9. I think there were mace snakes and sword snakes, but now it's getting silly. Plus those don't rhyme.

    Now, let's talk about the "Walktopus."

  10. Certainly better then the flail snail, but still too silly for my tastes, but hey," its chaos"!. Aa my RQ buddies use to say.

    On another note: has anyone not seen the upcoming giant figure from Otherworld Miniatures?

    Now that's a friggin' GIANT!

  11. The walktapus is one of the best monsters in all of gaming. One of the many disturbing asides in Dorastor was the "everlast biscuit," a not-quite-dead chunk of regenerating walktapus that you swallowed, and digested day-by-day (the walktapus regenerates not via calories or anything, but via chaos). If you are badly injured, it'll outpace your digestion and burst out - sucks to be you, but, hey, free walktapus.

  12. Looks like a grognard's grimoire waiting to happen ;)

  13. Let's not forget the lovely chaos mutations table in the back of the RQ book. In an old campaign of mine, the new PCs' tribal "rite of manhood" was to go to the edge of the swamp by the Block to kill a chaos creature. They theoretically went to fight broos. They ran into a snail (one head). One player knew about the chance of a gem being embedded in its body and was determined to check it out. Sadly, the mutation was "explodes when killed." >:-)