Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More Magick and Monsters

You may recall that I made mention of a fictional RPG called Magick and Monsters from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books that my daughter (and my wife) are reading. Well, Magick and Monsters makes a reappearance in the fourth book in the series, Dog Days, although this time it's in the form of fantasy novels based on the game.

As an avowed hater -- Me? A hater? It's a shock to you all, I know -- of gaming novels, I highly approve of the humor in Dog Days. With the fifth Wimpy Kid book due in September, I find myself hoping that we'll see more references to Magick and Monsters.


  1. There are indeed no novels so atrocious as those put out by gaming companies...

  2. It's like the old "hey, wanna hear about my character?" put into book form.

  3. "In fact, I kind of wonder if the person who designed the cover even READ the book."

    Hahahaha, this guy has obviously had experience dealing with publishers and their disconnected art departments. I swear I've heard this complaint from more spec fiction writers than I can count. "why the hell did they put a dragon on the cover of my book?! It's a space opera!!"

  4. Can't wait till my daughter reaches that Wimpy Kid book.... Those (and their girls equivalent Dork Diaries) have transformed her from a non-reader to someone who can get lost in a book... Now if we can channel that into gaming...

  5. It's like the old "hey, wanna hear about my character?" put into book form.

    I think they call that "fanfic", and yes, I have been seeing a lot fanfic being passed off as professional literature.