Thursday, April 29, 2010

RQ Help

I don't expect my entreaty to yield any results, but I'm going to ask anyway, because I'm constantly amazed by the stuff my readers have managed to assist me with in the past.

As you know, I got three out of the four Moon Design "Gloranthan Classics" volumes. I'm missing only Pavis & Big Rubble, which, I gather, is very hard to obtain. That said, I want a copy. I've been searching all the usual online venues for such things and no luck so far.

So, on the off-chance that someone who reads this blog finds a copy and for some reason doesn't want it for themselves, I'd be grateful for any pointers anyone might have about snagging one for my collection. Given that I am unlikely to run a RuneQuest campaign anytime soon, there's no hurry, but I do want to get Volume I of the series for myself at some point and I'm prepared for the likely high price tag it'll carry.

Thanks as always.


  1. I have a copy, but it falls into the "Cold, dead fingers" category in terms of your getting it. Plus you'd probably have to enter a cage-match with my brother for dibs. =)

  2. Some patience might score you the originals. Several years ago, I won a rather complete lot of RQII material on eBay for something like $60. It had RQ2 boxed set, Cults of Prax, Cults of Terror, RQ Compendium, Borderlands boxed set and both Pavis boxed sets, and maybe one or two other items.

    It's a shame these reprints didn't stay in print though. They are very nice.


  3. I think I have seen that in the FLGS a couple of weeks ago. Alas, their web interface doesn't seem to list that so it might be that they have run out..

    I can try to call them and ask if they still have a copy. I can then either buy one and mail it to you or give the contact information for the store to you.

    I live in Finland, so there probably will be some postage involved, though.
    We can arrange something, though, I think.

    If I can manage it to the store tomorrow, and they still have a copy, I'll buy one anyway - if you obtain a copy by other means I can add that to my collection.

    I'll email you when I know if they have it or not.

    -- Mikko Parviainen

  4. I can't remember, and checking will take a bit since stuff is in storage, but I have a soft and a hardcover copy of at least one of the Glorantha classics. If it's the one you're looking for, we can probably work something not-bank-breaking for the softcover.

    But it will take me a bit to dig what I have out -- possibly two or three weeks, as my mother-in-law is arriving tomorrow -- so you should definitely pursue other avenues in the meantime....

  5. If none of the above possibilities work out you might want to try searching for the product on Google Shopping. I once found the Battletech 3rd Edition boxed set (with a mostly complete set of "Unseen" plastic minis) for about $5.00 (it can get up much higher)- it was listed on the webpage of a random used book store. The price was so low I had to find another book to make it over their credit card minimum :) I never would have found that site without Google.

  6. If it's the one you're looking for, we can probably work something not-bank-breaking for the softcover.

    That would indeed be awesome, but I won't hold out hope for it and pursue other avenues in the meantime.