Thursday, April 8, 2010

Remembering Jerry Mapes

Today marks one year since Jerry Mapes, the founder of the Knights & Knaves Alehouse, passed away.

Unlike many people, my interactions with Jerry were limited to a few brief exchanges when I first started to become involved in the online old school world in late 2007. I always found him a pleasant, helpful, level-minded fellow and a man whose enthusiasm for old school D&D and -- especially -- Traveller were both obvious and contagious. And while his name is not probably well known outside of regular visitors to K&K, there's little doubt in my mind that his influence and his efforts behind the scenes made OSRIC and, by extension, much of the current old school renaissance possible.

Stuart Marshall recommends making a donation to an organization supporting disabled veterans in memory of Jerry, as he was one himself.


  1. Classy. Thanks for posting this and encouraging others to make a donation in Jerry's memory. He's missed by us all.

  2. Do you have a link for that charity? I would like to add it to my "worthy causes" section on my own blog.