Monday, May 24, 2010


Looks like I've managed to snag myself a copy of the Ringworld Companion to go alongside the game. That's a step in the right direction. I'm still seeing if I can find a copy of the Hawkmoon boxed set without having to buy from one of the used games sellers (not that I mind doing so, but their prices tend to be somewhat higher than those obtainable through other means), I'll have (mostly) sated my recent Chaosium RPG lust.

Of course, there are still a fair number of other RPGs I need to grab copies of ...


  1. Wow, this takes me back. I remember as a teen at Aero Hobbies, one of the older guys who introduced me to Call of Cthulhu (which were actually pretty horrible games he ran - characters had Byakhees and Mi Go as pets, and gave them names like "Ferd" and shit) was friends with Sandy Petersen. Sandy had written him a letter about the work going on on Ringworld, and he brought the letter in to read to us.

    Things like that at Aero Hobbies (including helping playtest Supergame and playing in games with Dragon contributer Paul Crabough)back in the day really made me feel like I was right on the edge of the industry. Of course I wasn't really, but at the time it seemed pretty awesome.

  2. nice score James!

    Speaking of used games sellers... anyone else notice that Troll and Toad's prices are almost ridiculous?

  3. Any plans for gaming with the Ringworld Rpg, James, or is it mainly research/reading material - insight into early Chaosium game design?

  4. I am jealous!

    In the early '90's, my best friend was emigrating to the USA and I gifted him with our group's only copy of the Ringworld game and companion.

    In retrospect, while I appreciate him saving me from that Machine Person Protector, I'd rather have the game now :)

    We always felt that the game's major weakness was that it should have been about Known Space (Niven's "future history" universe) and not just the Ringworld. Certainly this would have been a great supplement or another companion set.

  5. Ringworld as in Larry Niven's Ringworld? I wasn't aware that there was a game.

  6. ... and it was a good one Infamous.

    It was so full of information on the Ringworld, and parts of Known Space, that Niven used large sections of it as his writer's bible when he was designing the Man-Kzin War series of books.

    He apparently sent photocopied sections of the rules (made with permission of course) to authors who had questions about things in the Known Space universe.

    It rocked! I GM'd the introductory scenario at a convention once and the table was full!

  7. I just re-scored a copy of both the original game and the Companion on eBay myself, for a pretty reasonable price.

    It really is a great little game, and don't let the title fool you; one of the best campaigns I ever played in (in any system) was set in Known Space, on WeMadeIt, and had nothing to do with the Ringworld itself at all.