Saturday, May 8, 2010

To Clarify

Based on the comments yesterday, there seems to have been a little confusion regarding my Fridays Unplugged initiative. The idea behind it was that I'd personally shut my computer off and not use the Net in any capacity, so that I'd be less distracted and could get other things done. In the comments to the original post, someone suggested I make a single post on Friday (in advance) that would pose a question for regular readers to discuss amongst themselves in my absence, hence yesterday's "Open Friday" posting, which I actually wrote Thursday and postdated so it'd appear while I was offline.

I'm only just now starting to wade through the comments and emails I did get while I was away from the keyboard, so please be patient if you're expecting a response to anything from me. I found the time away very productive (I got to work in the garden and catch up on some other household chores, in addition to reading things I'd been meaning to for a while) and, above all, relaxing, so I plan to continue with the experiment in the weeks to come.

Briefly scanning the comments, I see lots of interest in an old school Wild West game à la Boot Hill. Being a big fan of Westerns, that's something I can definitely get behind. Indeed, it's something I'm already working on, albeit slowly. The working title is Saloons & Shootists and it's far from being ready to release for playtesting just yet, but, when it is, you can be sure I'll announce it here. Time permitting, I may talk about it a bit next week, but we'll see.


  1. I recently (and finally) got my hands on a copy of Boot Hill 3rd edition after far too many years trying. Great stuff. Further puzzles me why TSR treated the line like a dirty secret, but that's for another rant.

    Having been on a western binge, I've also snagged Aces & Eights, Simon Washborne's 'Go For Yer Gun!', and Wild West Cinema. Conceptually, Aces & Eights wins hands down (imho). But in actual play? Not as such.

    Perhaps it is because I am trying to make tabletop rpgs part of our family game nights (combined with the fact that the family consists of a non-gamer wife and two younger daughters), I find that the d6 variants are the games I most enjoy actually playing. Because of that, I find Wild West Cinema the most fun to play.

    As a total sucker for Wild West games with both feet in a reasonably historic reality (Deadlands? Ugh! Not my bag, as they used to say), I would be most interested in your take on the genre.

  2. Just came into BH 2E, and its good too. Wosre part is, its too "all over the map" in layout, not the normal from A to B, to C.

    I have GURPS Old West, and its good, but finding players is a handicap. Not too much for psuedo-historical types - they want magic swords, gold coins, and epic quests.

    I've heard good things about Sidewinder :recoiled, have seen it fairly cheap on Amazon, but have not taken the plunge. May as for it for Fathers day...

    Odd, seeing how Cowboy movies have been in our culture, that Wild West gaming hasn't taken hold. Guess we're either spies or Great Knights...