Monday, July 19, 2010

LotFP Weird Fantasy RPG Pre-Orders

On the off-chance that you hadn't yet heard the news, Jim Raggi has opened pre-orders for his soon-to-be-released Lamentations of the Flame Princess Weird Fantasy Role-Playing boxed set. I have to admit that I'm rather looking forward to seeing this, as it's probably the most lavishly produced old school RPG we've seen in many a year. It was also explicitly written with newcomers in mind, being modeled more on Frank Mentzer's 1983 edit of Dungeons & Dragons rather than earlier versions of the game, which makes it somewhat unique among the products of the old school renaissance.

Early reports suggest the pre-orders are doing well, which is always good to see when it comes to a new old school product, especially one that's as expensive as this ($65 US). It will be interesting to see how big a splash the game makes outside our little echo chamber, so stay tuned.


  1. I'm already in for a copy. Didn't like all I saw in the beta version of the rules (who does?), but I have enough faith in Jim to plunk down my cash and give it a spin. Should be a wild ride ;)

  2. Yeah, I feel much the same way. There were aspects of the beta that didn't appeal to me either, but Jim always does interesting work, so I'd be amazed if I didn't find quite a lot to like -- and steal -- for my own campaign.

  3. It's attractive-looking, and the boxed set format is nice. But $65 slams the door on my interest in the product.

  4. Is it in Finnish?

    Jim is a smart dude who has worked hard and taken advantage of opportunities, so who can knock it? And I'm sure the cost reflects the work that has gone into it.

    Personally though, I don't really need new games or new game materials. I have so many games I own that I want to run, and stuff that I want to work up from scratch for myself (like a Dune game), I'm set probably well into my elderly stage. But if I was a collector like some of you guys, I would get this, then Carcosa, then etc etc etc.

  5. Wish I could get the government to subsidize MY game publishing...

  6. I don't need a new game, either.

    But this is an old game, done in a new way. And while I don't "need" that either, I have to say I want it.

    Plus, for the initial launch, there's free shipping. Makes it much more appealing than $65 plus shipping from Finland...

  7. Well sure, every time I step into a game shop (like, a couple times a year) I want everything that is in there. Good games or not, it all seems cool and exciting to me.

    It's just that some of us are trying to minimalize our lives as we get older, rather than nest a big game library room of which only 20% will be more than just something to read on the crapper (and that is not a knock, I've had great items I never really used, like the old JG Inferno adventure and Barrier Peaks, spend literally years in my loo's magazine rack.

  8. I've liked his earlier works, but I'll have to pass; $65 is too rich for my blood.

    Security word: "untappap" The noise made by some squamous Cthulhoid creature.

  9. The game is in English.

    My subsidy expired in July. It paid for much of the artwork and the dice, but none of the printing.

  10. I don't understand the seemingly negative comments here and elsewhere about the business subsidy that Jim was able to obtain.

    1. It's nothing to be ashamed of.
    2. We have them here in the U.S., too.
    3. They aren't just handed out like candy - an entrepreneur needs to make a good case for one.
    4. Jim obviously has an admirable work-ethic, and he seems to have used the money to help generate a sale-able product.

  11. Dude, that cover art looks amazing and that box is filled with stuff. I mean that's six books in that box, with dice, paper and a pencil. Not bad at all if you ask me.
    Again- that cover art is friggin' awesome. The redhead is sweet.

    Just a few questions if you don't mind (stuff I wasn't able to see on the site)

    1)Is there a specific setting, or is it generic?

    2) Is that a Tiamat shirt you're wearing?

  12. Oh, I see that you're also selling on Nobleknightgames here in the states. Do you know at all when you'll be shipping some to them?

  13. No specific setting in the game (a lot of the Referee book is about how to create your own setting).

    It's a Reverend Bizarre shirt.

    Noble Knight's order goes out Monday, same as the individual US orders that chose the priority shipping option.

  14. Thanks for the info Jim, I just sent in a box of trade into NKG and know what I'll be using it for.
    I'm reading a pdf right now of your game(version 0.07) and I like what I'm reading. Fighter description is sweet.

    Ok, haven't heard of them. Had some friends that were huge fans of Tiamat way back when.

    Again, thanks for the information.