Tuesday, July 13, 2010

V&V Now Available in Print

Old school superhero RPG, Villains & Vigilantes, is now available as a 64-page paperback through Lulu.com. The book sells for $14.95, but if you enter the code "BEACHREAD" if you order between now and July 31, 2010, you get a 10% discount.

I'd really love to snag a print version of the game, as I'm really quite taken with it (I never played it back in the day). Unfortunately, Lulu's shipping rates to Canada, while better than before, are still absurd, especially if you're only ordering a single book, so I can't justify doing so. For the moment, I'll content myself with the PDFs I purchased.


  1. How much do they want?

    I ship stuff to Canada all the time -- I can stick it in a flat-rate envelope for $10.88 (US) at work, if that'd help.

    Verification word: misings - a recursive word that is, indeed, missing an s.

  2. Thanks for the offer. As it turns out, just having checked, Lulu seems to have changed their shipping rates yet again and shipping to Canada (on V&V anyway) isn't totally unreasonable.

    How odd.

  3. Just ordered a copy. Thankfully, California is still considered part of the US for shipping purposes. :)

  4. I guess I'm a traditionalist. I just booklet printed my PDF and had it "saddle stitched". Real RPG books should have staples!

  5. How odd.

    Cool. The rates to Australia have dropped as well. I wonder if thy are shipping to local postal services en masse, rather than posting from the states, or have entered into POD arrangements in the individual countries.

    Now if only other games companies would avail themselves of something other than the extortionate USPS international shipping rates as well.

    When the freight is equivalent than the game you are buying, it begins to get a bit tedious.

  6. I still have my first edition boxed set on the shelf. :)

  7. Tetsubo,

    Not all of us are so lucky to have one of our own :)