Monday, September 14, 2020

Opponents Wanted

I was reading the November-December 1966 issue of Avalon Hill's The General and was surprised to see two things. The first is this amusing cover, celebrating the victory of the Baltimore Orioles over the Los Angeles Dodgers, four games to none.

Much more pertinent to the subject matter of this blog is a small entry at the very back of the issue, in the section called "Opponents Wanted." This was basically a collection of want ads, placed by readers of The General seeking fellow wargames aficionados against whom they can contend. I've been straining my eyes to read the tiny print of these advertisements, hoping to find a name I might recognize. In this issue, one in particular caught my eye.
That Gary Gygax should place such an ad was not surprising or even all that interesting. More interesting, I think, is that his ad mentions that he "will cooperate on game design." I wonder who might have responded to him and what, if anything, resulted from their correspondence. This is the sort of question that Jon Peterson could probably answer. 

I may have to re-read Playing at the World.

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