Monday, September 28, 2020

Weird Maps IV

Today's map comes from the Dungeons & Dragons Sticker Book and was published in 1985. From what I can ascertain, it was only ever available in the UK retailer Marks and Spencer. The book, which contains a choose-your-own-adventure story, was written by Allen Sharp and illustrated by John Storey. Unless you're an aficionado of the television series, it's not really notable except for the map above, which depicts locales within the Sticker Book rather than in the television show (I think). To me, the most interesting thing is the Caverns of Hook Horrors, since it's a uniquely D&D monster (first appearing in the Fiend Folio) that also received a toy likeness. The original creature was created by Ian Livingstone, one of the founders of Games Workshop.


  1. I'm amused by Dragon Pass there. Presumably if you proceed east through it you wind up on the Plains of Prax and have to change your campaign to using Runequest rules instead of D&D, eh? :)

    Also, Kelek has a very weird looking castle there.

  2. I always wondered where that map came from. It is included as one of the cover plates of the Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon DVD case. And indeed, it does not match any locales of the same name actually shown in the cartoon. Weird choices, as there were plenty of locations from the cartoon that they could have depicted.